Trains, planes and automobiles - Owenair - Part 2

October 11, 2017

A general rule of thumb when it comes to flying is that the smaller the craft is, the more intimate and exciting of an experience your flight is going to be. 

There are so many advantages of exploring a landscape by air. 

First, zero traffic, pretty much ever. 

Secondly, the venues that have a helipad along the way are generally worth visiting.

Third, the views, the views and the views.

Soar above the city, charter a helicopter to take you to Cape Point and back (and around), there are so many options how to do this, but do it you must! 

Added bonuses are the comfort and pleasure of executive personalized service, 24/7 flight support, privacy, comfort and luxurious planes, 5-star catering, direct routing, access to ten times as many airports as commercial airlines, executive in-flight amenities, no crowded terminals and private check-in at exclusive lounges.




Tel: + 27 21 934 1174

Location: Cape Town International Airport