Location: Cape Town CBD

Freedom Day Weekend 2018 - Freedom Day Gig at Beerhouse- Part 2

April 18, 2018

After an informative outing to Robben Island we think a little levity may be in order, beer, music and ambience in a beerhouse! Remember, we are remembering the oppression, but also, celebrating the freedom. 😊

The Rudimentals, Nomadic Orchestra and Ann Jangle will keep the mood electric and local, the many, many beers will be flowing freely, and the early evening will get a little raucous! 

There is a beer for everyone and the location on Long Street make it a fantastic gateway to spill out into town and enjoying yourself in earnest. Centrally located, it is close to a lot of very nice spots both large and small, definitely worth an exploration.

URL: http://www.beerhouse.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/BEERHOUSEonLong/

E: onlong@beerhouse.co.za

Tel: +27 21 424 3370

Location: 223 Long Street, Cape Town

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You had me at Pizza <3 - Hail Pizza - Part 3

March 23, 2018

Hail Pizza has the coolest sounding name of our Trio of Pizzerias this week, and the clean open space, with long tables that encourage shared meals, it’s also a great venue to simply be “in”. 

They focus on fresh wood-fired pizza, cold beer, fresh oysters, salads and brunch cocktails. Slaves to flavour, their simple menu is full of it. 

Munch down on a El Pepperoni, as the name suggests, laden with Pepperoni, mushrooms, red onion and fresh coriander, a thin crispy base, a cold beer, and a beautiful ambience.

URL: https://www.hailpizza.com/

F: https://www.facebook.com/hailpizzacapetown

E: info@manfood.co.za

Tel: +27 72 349 3551

Location: 133 Bree Street, Cape Town

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You had me at Pizza <3 - Pizza at Bocca - Part 2

March 22, 2018

Located in an informal contemporary space Bocca serve Neopolitan pizza and Italian-inspired food in the center of Cape Town. 

Behind a bar stool lined counter, you will find another great example of the classic Pizza oven imported from Naples, the key ingredient to a consistently great dish.

Help yourself to a Pork's Revenge, a crispy thin crusted Pizza smothered in mozzarella, ricotta, nduja, ground spiced pork belly, garlic and baby spinach. You won’t look back!

URL: http://bocca.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/boccaCT

Tel: +27 21 422 0188

Location: CNR Bree & Whale Street, Cape Town

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New Beginnings - Plant Cafe - Part 1

January 03, 2018

We begin with Plant, a vegan restaurant which came into being as a café in Bo-Kaap in 2013, and then moved to bigger premises with a wider and more gourmet menu that revolves around food with a mission. 

Their mission is “part of ongoing commitment to make this world a little better, a little kinder”, and they do this by offering only cruelty-free plant-based foodstuffs and by actively donating to animal and human charities.

Have the Thai papaya bowl, consisting of finely chopped cabbage and red pepper soaked in lime juice with papaya, cashew nuts and avocado, served with a papaya-lime-coriander dressing. 

Pair that with a Raspberry Collins, mixed with Bottings raspberry puree, vanilla Vodka, ice, fresh lemon and soda and you are in for a flavour treat that you won’t soon forget!

Nobody said you can’t be healthy and have a little fun!

URL: http://www.plantcafe.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/plantcapetown

E: info@plant.co.za

Tel: +27 21 422 2737

Location: 8 Buiten Street, Cape Town

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Out with the old - Villa 47 - Part 3

December 29, 2017

Nobody likes options as much as I do, and Villa 47 gives you two mouthwatering possibilities on the evening of December 31st, 2017. 

Choose Locanda for an amazing four course meal with cocktails and bubbly.

The other alternative is that you upgrade yourself to the five-course Michelin-starred meal at Pierino Penati, and why not, it’s New Year’s Eve after all!

Local favourite DJ Halden Burns will be on the decks upstairs at the Seta Fusion Cocktail Lounge, laying down the groove to get you into 2018 with a smile on your face.

You will be fed, wined and entertained in typical Villa 47 fashion, with gusto, passion and finesse.

Enjoy, and remember to be safe out there!

Tel: +27 (0) 21 418 2740

E: reservations@villa47.co.za 

Location: Villa 47, 47 Bree Street, Cape Town

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Out with the old - HQ Masquerade - Part 2

December 29, 2017

Dress in black, only black, and let your ornate mask express your creativity in this venetian style masquerade event.

You will be enjoying a fresh cocktail on entry, followed immediately by canapes that give you in indication of quality of the three-course meal to come. 

Your three courses will be an exercise in culinary perfection, and fully satiated you will attempt to conquer the dancefloor. 😉

Never fear, the best local DJ’s and entertainment is lined up to keep you happily bouncing along into the new year. HQ has a reputation for throwing stylish shindigs and this looks to be no different. 

Enjoy unmasking the year (and each other).

Time: 19:00 until late

Venue: Headquarters Restaurant

Location: Heritage Square, 100 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town

Price: R795/p

Tel: +27 (0) 21 424 6373

Mail: management@hqrestaurant.co.za 

URL: www.hqrestaurant.co.za 

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I bless the rains down in Africa - Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant - Part 3

November 16, 2017

Ethiopia is known for its coffee, but also its outstanding cuisine, centering around shared pots and dipping/holding bread, where the utensil becomes part of the meal.

The bread is called Injera and is a spongy bread, resembling a crepe or pancake which is traditionally made from Teff flour. 

Have the Shiro Wot, a popular vegetarian stew, Shiro Wot is made from chickpea flour and simmered with garlic and onions in a berbere sauce (a combination of peppers, garlic, onion and other spices which are dried and ground into powder form, and used to spice many dishes). For your meat option, we suggest you try the Tibs, tender beef or lamb cubes sautéed and cooked with pepper and onion.

The food is rich, with deep and tantalizing flavor profiles, but it is also welcoming and tactile, obviously prepared with great love and care.

URL: http://www.lucyrestaurant.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/LucyEthiopianRestaurantCapeTown

E: reservations@lucyrestaurant.co.za

Tel: +27 21 422 1797

Location: 281 Long Street, Cape Town

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I bless the rains down in Africa - The Africa Café - Part 1

November 14, 2017

A cultural foodie extravaganza, The Africa Café brings you flavours from across the continent. Starting from humble beginnings, this venue has flourished over the past 15 years into the amazing kitchen it is today. 

A standout dish was the Ethiopian Doro Wat, chicken thighs cooked in a rich

Berbere /paprika sauce. Also amazing was the Malawi Mwana wa Nkhosa Tender, a free-range lamb stew in a succulent, rich gravy.

Fifteen different African dishes are brought to your table simultaneously and you indulge in the “communal feast”, a truly outstanding experience! 

There are great vegetarian options, and you can order individual dishes too, if that is to your preference.

URL: http://www.africacafe.co.za

E: africafe@iafrica.com 

F: https://www.facebook.com/AfricaCafeCapeTown

Tel: + 27 21 422 0221

Location: 108 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town

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Some like it hot - Eastern Food Bazaar Cape Town - Part 3

November 03, 2017

The word bazaar perfectly describes this amalgamation of ten kitchens offering a host of Indian and other specialties, in a melting pot of flavours, smells, colours and noise. 

You can get anything here from vendors such as Bombay Bites, Chats, China Town, Istanbul (Shawarma & Falafel), Madras (Dosa House), Nizami (Kebab), Pizza, Punjabi, Snacks & Tandoori. 

The portions are huge, the wait is generally not too long and it’s fantastic for both take away, or a quick canteen-style meal. 

There is also a full 100 seater restaurant upstairs that is available for events and private functions. 

There are ten menus and a whole range of options, but here are a few pointers:

Load up on Nan, get the Lamb Sheek Kebab and the Chicken Kathi Roll and don’t neglect the Masala Dosa, it’s amazing. 



URL: http://www.easternfoodbazaar.co.za/

E: info@easternfoodbazaar.co.za

Tel: +27 21 461 2458

Location: 96 Longmarket Street, Cape Town

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Tapas too good to pass up - Chefs Warehouse & Canteen - part 3

October 19, 2017

We end the week on this gem. Chefs Warehouse & Canteen doesn’t accept bookings, and is a hotbed of culinary experimentation and training, with old hands passing on trade secrets to young whizzes with great ideas. 

The Tapas for two menu consists of eight dishes. It generally contains two or three seafood dishes, with one or two vegetarian options and the rest is made up of poultry and meat. 

Flavours are intended to be diverse, exciting and energetic. You may find interesting pairings that span the globe but avoid the tag of “fusion food”. 

Every day the menu is different, with ideas being mapped out and prepped the night before. This ensures that on no two days you will be served the same fare. A restaurant for foodies and chefs, go, you will love it!

URL: http://www.chefswarehouse.co.za

E: info@chefswarehouse.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/Chefs-Warehouse-Canteen

Tel: +27 21 422 0128

Location: 92 Bree Street, Cape Town

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