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Trains, planes and automobiles - Owenair - Part 2

October 11, 2017

A general rule of thumb when it comes to flying is that the smaller the craft is, the more intimate and exciting of an experience your flight is going to be. 

There are so many advantages of exploring a landscape by air. 

First, zero traffic, pretty much ever. 

Secondly, the venues that have a helipad along the way are generally worth visiting.

Third, the views, the views and the views.

Soar above the city, charter a helicopter to take you to Cape Point and back (and around), there are so many options how to do this, but do it you must! 

Added bonuses are the comfort and pleasure of executive personalized service, 24/7 flight support, privacy, comfort and luxurious planes, 5-star catering, direct routing, access to ten times as many airports as commercial airlines, executive in-flight amenities, no crowded terminals and private check-in at exclusive lounges.

URL: http://www.owenair.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/OwenairSA

E: info@owenair.co.za

Tel: + 27 21 934 1174

Location: Cape Town International Airport

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Trains, planes and automobiles - Ceres Rail - Part 1

October 10, 2017

The Ceres Railway track was originally built at the turn of the 19th century, starting in July 1910 and completing in May 1912, then refurbished and reopened in 2012 with a variety of beautiful locomotives commissioned to ply the line. 

This is such a unique and relaxing way to explore the area and soak up some of the 100-year-old history, and best of all, you don’t need a designated driver. 

Ceres is one of the most fertile and productive areas for deciduous fruits, and you will find amazing produce and preserves sold at local farmstalls. 

Bear in mind, the locomotives pulling the luxury bar and lounge/dining carts are stunning steam engines (one beautiful engine is named “The Red Devil”), lovingly restored or rebuilt. 

You will be riding within a piece of history while enjoying the timeless beauty of the Ceres mountains.

URL: http://www.ceresrail.co.za/

E: bookings@ceresrail.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/ceresrail

Tel: +27 79 077 5332

Location: Demeter Station, Ceres, Western Cape

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Cheerful, cheery and “cheep”. - Lothian Vineyards - Part 2

September 27, 2017

Lothian Vineyards is a family vineyard on the Palmiet River in Elgin, South Africa, producing Burgundian style wines like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 

The area is well worth the hour-and-a-bit drive required to get there from Cape Town, the wines and food are outstanding and it’s something a little different from the usual fare of the traditional tourist wine routes. For starters, the estate has been established incorporating its own private lake. This is a place where natural beauty is merely a glance away, with sightings of rare Cape Leopard, African Fish Eagle, Cape Clawless Otter and Cape Eagle Owl. 

Indulge in the luxury wine tasting experience, or, for the more adventurous, go horseback riding or fishing (there are even jet-skis and a boat to take for a spin). 

With plenty to enjoy, under amazing African skies, Lothian Vineyards is an absolute pleasure to experience.

URL: www.lothianvineyards.com 

F: https://www.facebook.com/LothianVineyard 

T: https://twitter.com/lothianvineyard 

E: info@lothianvineyards.com 

Tel: + 27 (0) 21 859 9901

Location: Rockview Dam Road, Grabouw

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Surfing, boxing & clay pigeons - Learn to surf - Part 3

September 21, 2017

Learn to Surf

Cape Town, and South Africa are home to the best beaches in the world, along with that come some of the best waves (breaks) too. The shore is the meeting of two ecosystems and the various creatures that inhabit both, seals, penguins, sea gulls and surfers. 

If you haven’t braved the waves before, never fear, there are many extremely qualified folks that would be more than happy to show you the ropes. Stoked surf school offers a variety of local breaks for all surfing difficulty/experience levels as well as SUP (Stand Up Paddling). 

The school as formed in 2009 by a former marketing manager who “got the stoke”, left her job and travelled the world surfing. 

There are few more valuable or beautiful experiences than standing up on a board and riding a wave, it is something that practically anyone can have a chance to experience, and it gets you out and about!

URL: https://www.stokedsurfschool.com/ 

E: info@stokedsurfschool.com

F: https://www.facebook.com/stokedsurf 

Inst: https://www.instagram.com/stokedsurfsa/ 

Tel: +27 82 412 8781

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Surfing, boxing & clay pigeons - The Armoury Boxing Club - Part 2

September 20, 2017

Think back to a time of gentlemanly brawling, chivalrous fisticuffs and duels for honour. This boxing club embodies both the honour code of boxing clubs from times gone by, but also the grit. 

You will find a welcoming environment with a minimum of posturing and a range of activities you can lock in on, suitable to your fitness level and desire for a scrap. 

All the coaches are former professionals, which makes them technicians, tacticians and physical trainers of note. At The Armoury you are in expert hands, every single one of the amazing employees there has a solid boxing/fitness (and in some cases military) experience, and it all comes together to create an exhilarating, liberating yet entirely safe experience. 

Whether it’s fitness you’re looking for, or to test your mettle in the ring, this is the place to go.

URL: http://armouryboxing.com/ 

E: info@armouryboxing.com

F: https://www.facebook.com/armouryboxing

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Armouryboxingclub 

Tel: +79 495 8839

+21 461 9141

Location: Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

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Surfing, boxing & clay pigeons - Clay Pigeon Adventures - Part 1

September 19, 2017

With options to engage in this old sport of gentlemen at either Lourensford wine estate (which offers wine tasting and The Milhouse, Coffee roastery and the Lourensford market) or the Wild Clover Estate (which boasts The Brewery, The Winery and The Eatery) your runner up activities are already taken care of. 

Personally, I can’t quite stomach the idea of hunting, but those clay pigeons are allegedly a huge pest that needs to be taken care of 😉 This allows you to enjoy the technical and marksmanship aspects of firing a shotgun, along with the sheer joy of watching a brightly coloured disc explode in mid-air. 

Full instruction is given and you are supervised (closely) at all times by the experts ensuring that you do not cause harm to yourself (or others). There are a variety of packages with various options (such as automatic rifles, and the “sniper experience”), whatever you choose, this is guaranteed to be a fun day out.

URL: http://www.clayad.co.za/

E: info@clayad.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/claypigeonadventures

Tel: +27 76 349 2866

Location: Wild Clover, Stellenbosch

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Spring - The Kalk Bay Forest Trail - Kalk Bay

September 13, 2017

Once you’ve done some of the many amazing trails crisscrossing Table Mountain and are looking for something a little different, the Kalk Bay Amphitheatre (via Spes Bona forest) trail is brilliant. 

This relatively short circular circuit incorporates two stunning stretches of indigenous forest and takes you to the top of the mountains that run the length of the Cape Peninsula. 

A portion of the trail follows the former mule track as it gently meanders its way up the mountain, leading you eventually to a boardwalk track through a forest of gnarled trees and birdsong. 

The following crest rewards you with sprawling vistas across Kalk Bay, Seal Island and over False Bay to Hangklip, simply amazing views! This is a great beginner hike and a sure fire way to get that heartrate up!

Location: 2km from Kalk Bay

GPS: S34°6.94', E18°27.51'

Distance: 5km

Difficulty: Easy (child friendly)

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Getting the kids out of the cabin - Waterfront Kids - Part 3

July 06, 2017

Fresh sea air, activities to tire one out mentally and physically and a socially interactive environment. These are all key ingredients to keeping the kids happy and engaged during these holidays. 

The V&A Waterfront has put together a fantastic line up of activities along these lines, and year on year they have been better and more exciting, with something for everyone. So, break through the cabin fever and get your kids out witness a (free-to-attend) stargazing session, or go ice skating (not suitable for the under 4’s) or take part in the Play-Doh kitchen creations Junior Chef competition. 

Aside from plenty of places to eat, shop and snack, there is the usual movie theatre complex (always a good fallback plan). Always exceptionally fun and immersive is the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat, a real wood boat that goes on little cruises around the harbor, the kids generally go nuts over this (understandably, it’s cool as can be). Round the day off with an ice cream and little heads will be nodding before you reach home.

URL http://www.waterfront.co.za/activities/kids-ahoy

Location: Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

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Getting the kids out of the cabin - Café Paradiso Kids! - Part 2

July 05, 2017

It seems these days, wherever you turn in Cape Town and see a little jewel of a place, with that secret something which comes from great ambience, décor and food, it is somehow associated with the Madame Zingara brand. 

The Madame has been wowing Cape Town in many ways, weaving magic and food into experiences that are hard to forget. Café Paradiso is one of these places, and the kids experience (they call them Kids Projects) will keep your kids rapt, entertained and involved, whilst giving you a bit of a breather to tuck into something amazing and catch up with a friend. 

The Kids Project changes from day to day but some of the things they will be able to choose from will be making their own pizza with ham or bacon, baking a gingerbread man, preparing fresh chocolate chip cookies or decorating and icing a cupcake. 

All of this under the watchful eyes of the attending chefs, making sure everything is prepared safely and hygienically, the best bit being that they get to eat their creations at the end! It’s a very thoughtful and well executed alternative to baby sitters. 

URL http://www.cafeparadiso.co.za

E: cafeparadiso@madamezingara.com

F: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe.Paradiso.ct

Tel: +27 21 422 0403

Location: 110 Kloof Street, Gardens Cape Town

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