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Freedom Day Weekend 2018 - Freedom Day Gig at Beerhouse- Part 2

April 18, 2018

After an informative outing to Robben Island we think a little levity may be in order, beer, music and ambience in a beerhouse! Remember, we are remembering the oppression, but also, celebrating the freedom. 😊

The Rudimentals, Nomadic Orchestra and Ann Jangle will keep the mood electric and local, the many, many beers will be flowing freely, and the early evening will get a little raucous! 

There is a beer for everyone and the location on Long Street make it a fantastic gateway to spill out into town and enjoying yourself in earnest. Centrally located, it is close to a lot of very nice spots both large and small, definitely worth an exploration.

URL: http://www.beerhouse.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/BEERHOUSEonLong/

E: onlong@beerhouse.co.za

Tel: +27 21 424 3370

Location: 223 Long Street, Cape Town

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A traipse along the Mouille Point Golden Mile - The Blue Train Park- Part 3

March 29, 2018

Now for an excellent little adventure for the kids, they will absolutely love this!

A testimony to the fantastic work of the Sea Point Rotary Club, who have kept this venue alive, and more recently, refurbished. 

In operation for more than 55 years the property is a mere 25m from the Atlantic Ocean with a backdrop of Lions Head, Signal Hill and Table Mountain.

Activities include the famous Mini Blue Train, the park also has an outdoor ice skating rink, a 30m zip line, a dirt bike track, a cement pushbike track, slides, see-saws, a climbing rock, two Jungle gyms, an obstacle course and far more. Well worth the visit, refreshments and snacks are available at the kiosk. 

URL: http://www.thebluetrainpark.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/The-Blue-Train-Park-650869141603064/ 

E: info@thebluetrainpark.com

Tel: +27 84 314 9200

Location: Main Road, Mouille Point

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Farmstalls & Road Trips

March 05, 2018

“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.”

-Erol Ozan

The farmstall is something that is synonymous with road trips in South Africa, it’s where you stop to stretch your legs and fill up on farm style (read: fresh!) goodies to snack on en route, or when you reach your destination. This week we will be looking at three of our favourites.

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Breakfast, Browsing and a bit of wine - Blaauwklippen Family Market - Part 2

February 07, 2018

Next stop, off to the market! We have selected Blaauwklippen Family Market because of its fantastic reputation as a wholesome, wholefoodie type of venue with special attention paid to the kids and their need for entertainment.

Every Sunday you will hear music from the talented live cover band coming from Blaauwklippen mingled with the sounds of kids having fun, there is plenty of seating available under the old oak and fig trees, with large rambling lawns available for picnicking. 

You’ll find seasonal fresh produce, cheese, homemade pies, olives, baked treats, craft beer, food from around the world and great wine in abundance (amongst many other things). 

Well worth the trip out to Stellenbosch and a great way to spend an afternoon.

URL: https://www.blaauwklippenfamilymarket.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/Blaauwklippenfamilymarket

Tel: +27 84 606 6325

Location: R44, Stellenbosch (Opposite Technopark)

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13 Artisans

January 29, 2018

A forty-five-minute drive out of Cape Town you will find the fantastic foodie collective that is The Spice Route. It is a cluster of flavours, experiences and a shared love for taste. We will dip into some of the items on offer this week.

#spiceroute  #artisancape

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Bright idea for a day trip! - Avontuur Estate - Part 3

January 18, 2018

We can not come to the Helderberg and NOT talk about the wine. Avontuur Estate has a fantastic reputation as a wine, food and stud farm (in the horsey sense). 

Spoil yourself or someone you love with a bottle of Dominion Royale, a Shiraz Reserve a full-bodied wine which has a firm grip with alcohol and wood in perfect balance.

Head over to the restaurant and choose between a delicious Norwegian Salmon with a smashed pea and mint puree, saffron Veloutè and topped with puff pastry or a butternut, spinach, leek and ricotta roulade, grilled with crispy parmesan and served with tomato fondue.  

Every dish has its wine, and a lot of thought and care has gone into the planning and preparation of your experience. Sit back and enjoy!

URL: http://www.avontuurestate.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/AvontuurRestaurant

E: info@avontuurestate.co.za

Tel: +27 21 855 4600

Location: 7130 R44, Firgrove Rural, Somerset West

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Bright idea for a day trip! - Gordon’s Bay Beach Strip - Part 2

January 17, 2018

An excellent alternative to the high traffic harbor and beaches of Cape Town is the microcosm that makes up Gordon’s Bay Harbor and Gordon’s Bay Beach.

It is a quaint strip with numerous little restaurants and cafés, ice cream parlours and bars that all share the view across False Bay, with Simon's Town barely visible in the hazy distance.

The water is fairly warm, and the beach is generally well visited but not overflowing. 

Along the way you will find one of our personal favourites, a rambling multi-room second-hand book store with books piled high on trestle tables, and that smell (you know the one) permeating the walls. Bikini Beach Books, don’t leave Gordon’s Bay until you’ve visited!

There are daily fishing and sight-seeing charters that leave Gordon’s Bay harbor, and depending on what your flavour is, offer deep sea fishing or various water sports.

Location: Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape

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Bright idea for a day trip! - Helderberg Farm - Part 1

January 16, 2018

At the foot of the mountain which gives the area its name, you will find Helderberg Farm, a fifth generation joint-family owned working farm with a lot to of ways to keep yourself entertained. 

Aside for being known for their exceptional grapes and strawberries, this farm also has a kids’ playpark and farmyard, braai (grill) and picnic areas, hiking and mountain biking trails and a tea garden.

If you are interested in a slightly more strenuous outing, there are a variety of team building and higher impact options like paintball and SWAT laser tag.

Alternatively, it’s Ruda’s famous chocolate cake and a nice cuppa from the farm kiosk, full of farm product and local goodies. It is a genuine experience and practically a full day all by itself.

URL: http://helderbergplaas.co.za/

F: https://www.facebook.com/helderbergfarm

E: helderbergplaas@mweb.co.za

Tel: +27 21 855 4308

Location: Klein Helderbergpad Rd, Somerset West

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