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Let’s go to Darling, Darlings! - Darling Brew - PART 3

April 21, 2017

For a lot of people the first impression of Darling Brew is seeing their impressive looking Bone Crusher Ale on shelf in a local outlet. The unique look of the bottle is quite imposing, but the true treasure lies in the many amazing ales and lagers this microbrewery produce with huge amounts of skill and care. 

Darling Brew is also incredibly committed to sustainability and conservation and has assisted (and continues to assist) local conservation and wildlife rehabilitation efforts and programs. Having garnered prestigious awards and wide-ranging acclaim for the quality of its beers, the brewery opened a brand new premises with a bar and deli overlooking the working brewery, it creates a dramatic backdrop to your meal. 

If you are a beer novice, have the beginner beer tasting, it goes well with a platter for two, and everything is paired and explained brilliantly. If you know your brew, there is a selection of light meals and truly South African braai (barbeque) items that have been expertly paired with their many fine offerings. Highly recommended to try are:

The Blood Serpent (5%) a Hallertauer Mittelfrüh dry hop lager with a spicy characteristic, an entirely carbon neutral beer, the first in the country and the Bone Crusher (5.2%) – a very refreshing beer with a spicy candied orange smell and taste, and a bitter finish.

From top to bottom, this brewery is the real deal, and the excitement is palpable in everything they send out of their doors. 

URL http://www.darlingbrew.co.za

E: tasteroom@darlingbrew.co.za

F: https://www.facebook.com/DarlingBrew

Tel:      +27 21 286 1099

Location: 48 Caledon Street, Darling

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