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Vacations South Africa

Garden Route Tour
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Days: 5Price: R 4,450email usemail us
J-Bay Surfing Weekend
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Days: 3Price: R 1,800email usemail us
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Quote characterDr Green | South Africa
31 Mar 2010
I haven't taken this exact tour, but I can vouch for the brilliance of the Garden Route. I would suggest that you stay a bit longer than one day in Oudtshoorn, since here you can meet many animals, ride an ostrich (I did!) and have fantastic food. I've never had such a good two days in the middle of no-where! Anyhow, enjoy this trip, I recommend it!
Quote characterJason | South Africa
26 Sep 2009
Everything was taken care of, all I had to do was show up. They even allowed me to bring my own boards :)
Quote characterFelix | Germany
16 Sep 2009
LOL - I went on this tour, we had sooooo much fun. Made some good new friends!
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